Hand hygiene is the simplest way to avoid infections: CDC

Hand hygiene is the simplest way to avoid infections: CDC

As the upcoming festive season will prompt millions of Americans to travel and get together with their friends and relatives across the nation, public health authorities have reminded people that hand hygiene is a an easy as well as effective way to avoid various contagious diseases like flu.

In flights, many passengers may feel that they can not get up to wash their hands before enjoying an in-flight meal. But, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has stressed that washing hands is perhaps the simplest way to keep away from infections.

Dr. Goutham Rao, the chairperson of the Department of Family Medicine & Community Health at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, also said that basic steps like washing hand before a meal can make a big difference.

Speaking on the topic, Rao added, “The most common sense thing people can do is wash their hands often. When you're traveling ... think how much contact you have with everyone from gate agents to certain passengers.”

According to CDC’s recommendations, one should either wash one’s hands either with soap and water or with hand sanitizer containing more than 60 per cent alcohol to shun picking up in-flight pathogens.

The federal agency also recommends that receiving a flu shot at least a couple of weeks ahead of the flu season provides the body with enough time to develop antibodies to defeat the highly contagious influenza virus.



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