Mysterious mummified knees belonged to Queen Nefertari: researchers say

Mysterious mummified knees belonged to Queen Nefertari: researchers say

The pair of mummified knees that were discovered by Italian archaeologists from a plundered tomb in Egypt more than a century ago is belonged to Queen Nefertari, researchers concluded.

The mummified knees were discovered amid debris inside the plundered tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens in Egypt in 1904. A fresh broad array of tests conducted by a team of researchers on the knees revealed that these mummified parts of the body really belonged to Nefertari.

Nefertari, the wife of the king Pharaoh Ramses II, was one of the most famous of queens in the history of Egypt.

The knees have long been presumed to belong to Nefertari. But, Joann Fletcher, an Egyptologist at University of York, said that there were several reasons for skepticism.

Speaking of the topic, Fletcher said, “We had no way of knowing if these were Nefertari’s remains or not. They could have been washed into the tomb at a later date during one of these occasional flash floods that do occur in that part of Egypt.”

The international team of researchers reached the conclusion after conduction various tests, including chemical tests, radiocarbon dating, genetic studies and paleopathology. The study was detailed in the latest edition of the journal Plos One.



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