ESA remains committed to Mars mission

ESA remains committed to Mars mission

Despite Schiaparelli’s disappointing crash landing on the surface of Mars in October, the European Space Agency (ESA) remains committed it its ExoMars mission.

Reiterating their commitment and expressing confidence in the mission, the ESA’s 22 member states approved €436 million (US$480 million) in funding for the ExoMars mission.

The member states also approved a number of other projects; some of whish are related to the International Space Station (ISS). All these projects were approved as part of a €10.3 billion (US$11 billion) budget.

ESA Director General Jan Woerner said it wasn’t an easy thing, but they were confident that they would eventually succeed.

Jorge Vago, a project scientist involved in the for ExoMars mission, said, “As it is, we have one part that works very well and one part that didn’t work as we expected. The silver lining is that we think we have in hand the necessary information to fix the problem.”

The ill-fated Schiaparelli lander crashed on Oct. 19th, after its Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) fed incorrect data into its navigation computer, causing the probe to think it was already on Mars’ surface when it was actually 2.29 miles above the planet.


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