NASA offers $30K for whoever can solve its “space poop” problem

NASA offers $30K for whoever can solve its “space poop” problem

U.S. space agency NASA has announced an award of $30,000 for whoever can solve its "space poop" problem that may otherwise hinder its deep space missions, such as a manned mission to the Red Planet.

NASA has long been struggling to determine what to do with astronauts' poop during deep space travel. They agency is in search of a solution to the question how to treat waste that it does not harm astronauts during lengthy space flights.

Currently, astronauts have to wear special suits that provide them clean air, water and enough nutrients for a period of up to six days, or until they return to Earth. In other words, they depend on an old-fashioned technology called "diapers" to deal with the "poop" problem.

As the spacecraft doesn't provide that protection to astronauts, it could hider deep space missions, such as six-month journey to Mars. Scientists also worry what would happen if a female astronaut gets her period during a long space travel.

Those who think that they can help the U.S. space agency solve the "poop" problem can submit their ideas by Dec. 20, 2016. The contest has already more than 8,000 competitors.



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