‘Playboy’ behavior is bad for mental health: study

‘Playboy’ behavior is bad for mental health: study

Men who adhere to "playboy" behavior and remain stuck closely to 'masculine gender norms' are significantly more likely to suffer psychological problems than those who conform less to such traits, according to a study published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology.

A team of researchers at Indiana University examined nearly 20,000 men, and discovered a significant link between "playboy" or "sexist" behavior and mental health problems like depression, stress, anxiety and drug abuse.

Psychologist Dr. Y. Joel Wong, who led the study, "Our findings on the unfavorable relationship between conformity to masculine norms and power over women are striking. Sexism is a social injustice and it might ultimately be harmful to everyone, including the perpetrators of sexism."

The American Psychological Association, which sponsored the study, said that that the participants were predominantly white but also included Asian-American and African-American males.

The study also revealed that those males who conformed most to the sexist norms were also the least likely to seek help or treatment for their psychological problems.

The researchers didn't explore how factors like race, socioeconomic status, education, political affiliation and cultural influences might affect a man's tendency to adhere to masculine gender norms. Many psychologists believe that these factors play a crucial role in the equation.


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