Dogs have better memory abilities than previously thought

Dogs have better memory abilities than previously thought

Dogs have better memories than previously thought as a new study has showed that they can remember and emulate their owners’ actions up to an hour later.

Claudia Fugazza, an animal behavior researcher at Budapest-based Eotvos Lorand University, studied 17 dogs and found that they had better powers to retain information that heir expectations.

Through a method called “Do As I Do,” the researchers taught dogs to observe actions performed by their owners, and then imitate those action upon hearing the command “Do it.”

Speaking about their research, Fugazza said, “If you ask a dog to imitate an action that was demonstrated some time ago. Then it is something like asking, 'Do you remember what your owner did?'”

Finally, the researchers did something the dog hadn’t seen before, such as tapping an umbrella on a close by mat with his hand. The owner returned after an hour to the mat and said, “Do it.” The dogs successfully imitated the umbrella tap or whatever the trainer did before.

The study suggesting that dogs can memorize and relive an experience much the way humans do was detailed in the Nov. 23rd edition of Current Biology.



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