Texas A&M’s new research complex to help drive health research forward

Texas A&M’s new research complex to help drive health research forward

Texas A&M University’s under-construction Global Health Research Complex is widely expected to help drive the higher education institution’s animal and human health research forward.

The university broke ground on the ambitious $86 million project last Friday. The project received $75 million in funding from the 84th Texas Legislature in addition to $11 million that it received from the Permanent University Fund.

Board of Regents of the Texas A&M University System approved the project earlier this month. Glen Laine, vice president for research at the university, called it an “amazing investment” in the future of the university system and the entire state.

Speaking on the topic, Laine added, “It will enable A&M researchers to develop products that may revolutionize how to protect both animal and human health. In addition, this facility will provide advanced training and educational tools, methods and techniques involved in this level of research, training folks so they can work in similar facilities across the country.”

More precisely, the upcoming facility will be dedicated to stop infectious diseases that threaten the state’s economy by hurting food supply and health of humans and animals. It will focus on advancing research into rapid detection technologies and vaccine development.

The state-of-the-art, 102,000 sq. ft. research complex is expected to become operational sometime in 2019.



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