E-cigarettes are as hazardous as conventional cigarettes: study

E-cigarettes are as hazardous as conventional cigarettes: study

While manufacturers of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have along been touting the devices as a good alternative to conventional cigarettes, a new study has warned that e-cigarettes are as equally hazardous as conventional cigarettes.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Irfan Rahman, of the UR School of Medicine & Dentistry, studied the potential detrimental effects of e-cigarettes on oral health on cellular and molecular levels. They found that e-cigarettes are as equally damaging to the user’s gums and teeth as usual cigarettes.

The researchers reported that e-cigarettes release nicotine vapors that eventually cause a number of oral diseases.

Explaining e-cigarettes’ detrimental effects, Rahman said, “We showed that when the vapors from an e-cigarette are burned, it causes cells to release inflammatory proteins, which in turn aggravate stress within cells, resulting in damage that could lead to various oral diseases.”

The lead researcher added that the extent of damage to oral health depends on how much and how often a person smokes an e-cigarette.

The alarming findings of the study were detailed in the most recent issue of the multidisciplinary traditional journal Oncotarget.


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