Amazon Alexa can now send text messages for AT&T mobile customers

Amazon Alexa can now send text messages for AT&T mobile customers

On Friday, the Amazon Alexa voice assistant gained the capability to send out text messages for US wireless carrier AT&T's mobile customers.

Alexa is Amazon's voice-controlled digital assistant which can be accessed from the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot devices. Alexa has the capability to answer the consumers' questions, play music, call a cab, and help manage the calendar.

Along with the above-mentioned capabilities, a new 'texting' skill for Alexa has now been created by AT&T. The new skill gained by Alexa enables the digital assistant to send SMS messages for AT&T mobile customers.

By making use of Alexa's newly-gained texting skill, AT&T's mobile customers can now have up to 10 contacts saved at a time with the help of the Alexa app. They can then dictate their text messages to Alexa and have SMS messages sent to those contacts.

However, since Alexa is a voice assistant and may send out garbled messages, AT&T has included a stipulation in its fine print related to Alexa's texting skill that the liability of any miscommunications will be on Alexa and Amazon.



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