Trump may roll back carbon emission regulations

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As President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to undo environmental policies and regulations, experts have warned that rolling back auto emissions standards could lead to severe adverse consequences.

More than 250 million automobiles are running on U. S. roads, generating more carbon emissions than any other segment, including power stations, factories and households.

President Barack Obama took several steps to slash auto pollution and drive up gas mileage as part of his administration's efforts to tackle global warming and climate change.

But, the upcoming Trump administration may scale back or even scrap those steps. John Mashburn, a senior adviser to Trump, said the Trump administration intended to conduct a comprehensive review of all federal regulations, including the fuel-economy and carbon emissions standards, to ensure they aren't harming consumers or American workers.

Criticizing any such move, the Safe Climate Campaign's Daniel F. Becker said, "Automakers are asking him to let them guzzle oil and pollute more and increase our oil addiction. Are they going to go back to making early 20th- century vehicles?"

During his election campaign, Trump promised to revive the fossil fuel industry, roll back environmental regulations and 'cancel' the nation's participation in the Paris Agreement.


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