Latest version of Spotify desktop app reportedly fixes hard drive-killing glitch

Latest version of Spotify desktop app reportedly fixes hard drive-killing glitch

According to Ars Technica, the latest version of music streaming service Spotify’s desktop app -- version 1.0.42 -- comes with a fix for the hard drive-killing desktop glitch.

The glitch which Spotify has reportedly fixed in the newest version of its desktop app is chiefly related to the excessive amounts of data which some versions of Spotify's desktop app may be writing even when they are idle.

The issue has been reported in a number of posts on Reddit and Spotify's user forums, with users having highlighted the fact that the glitch can potentially shorten the lifespan of their hard drives.

In their complaints about the issue, users said that, in the last five months, they have noticed that their Spotify desktop app was writing 20-30GB of data when it was being played for relatively short periods per day. Ars Technica’s testing of the app revealed that Spotify wrote between 5-10GB of data per hour; and when the app was left running for more than one day, it resulted in a per-drive write of up to 700GB.

About the fix for the glitch, Spotify said: “We’ve seen some questions in our Community around the amount of written data using the Spotify client on desktop. These have been reviewed and any potential concerns have now been addressed in version 1.0.42, currently rolling out to all users.”



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