Boosted warns owners of its second-gen boards of possible battery malfunctions

Boosted warns owners of its second-gen boards of possible battery malfunctions

In a blog post released this week, electric skateboard maker Boosted has issued a warning to the owners of its second-generation electric longboards about the possibility of battery malfunctions, and, thus, a potential fire risk.

Boosted CEO Sanjay Dastoor said in the blog post that the company has initiated “a thorough investigation” into the possible battery malfunctions affecting its second-generation electric longboards.

Dastoor also added alongside that, while the issue is being investigated, the shipments of the boards to new riders are being temporarily halted.

The issue affects the second-generation electric longboards which Boosted started shipping to customers in early September. The new boards come with a number of enhancements over the first-generation boards, in terms of a redesigned remote, two high-powered accessory ports, and higher torque output for faster speeds.

About the possible battery-malfunction issue affecting the second-generation boards, Dastoor said that two separate cases are being investigated by Boosted in which the lithium battery cell on the second-generation boards “vented,” with the battery cell showing signs of smoke or abnormally high heat.

Asking the owners of the second-generation boards to remove the board’s battery and/or store the board away from anything flammable, Dastoor said: "We strongly urge all riders with second-generation boards to stop riding and stop charging them."


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