Report: Samsung Galaxy S8 handset will have a whole lot of display

Report: Samsung Galaxy S8 handset will have a whole lot of display

According to a report released recently by Korean publication The Investor, Samsung’s next-generation flagship handset – the forthcoming Galaxy S8 – will likely have a significantly high display area ratio, so much so that it will be almost entirely screen.

The Investor’s report comes within days of the iMiD 2016 display exhibition which was held in Seoul last week.

Citing the information shared by Samsung's display manufacturing unit engineer Park Won-sang, The Investor has revealed in its report that screen space will cover more than 90 percent of the Galaxy S8 flagship handset which Samsung is scheduled to launch in 2017.

With the average display area ratio – the percentage of a handset’s front side consumed by the screen – of current handsets being nearly 80 percent, the disclosure by Won-sang implies that the Galaxy S8 handset will apparently have at least 10 percent more screen.

In fact, Won-sang has also hinted that Samsung could possibly aim for a handset which is up to 99 percent screen.

Meanwhile, The Investor has also said in its report that the Galaxy S8 handset will feature a full-screen OLED display, and a bezel-less body. The handset will seemingly not have any Home button, and will probably have a fingerprint sensor below the display.


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