Some people in Southern California trying Bleach for Curing Autism among kids

Some people in Southern California trying Bleach for Curing Autism among kids

A new report has reported some parents in Southern California trying a bleach product with chlorine dioxide (also known as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS) as Autism cure. The issue has been reported by Eyewitness News and ABC News after a year-long investigation. The ‘miracle cure’ offered by the so-called ‘Church of Bleach’ has a chapter in Southern California, the report added.

Jim Humble, founder and archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing later backtracked from his earlier statements. Humble said that MMS doesn’t cure anything. On the website of church, Humble posted that he had earlier claimed that MMS could cure many diseases, but that was a lie.

The founder of fringe ‘church’ claims that the chemical solution offered by his venture can cure any disease. The founder was tracked back to Mexico by ABC News team. Parents should understand that miracle cures don’t work for autism.

Federal prosecutors informed that Miracle Mineral Solution is just industrial bleach and people should not fall for such gimmicks.

Desperate people trying for alternative medicine sometimes fall in such traps. MMS has been marketed as a miracle cure online and during many weekend seminars across the United States.

The statement release by Humble added, “There are certainly times I have said some things that I probably should have said differently. For lack of a better way to express things at the time -- or because others put words in my mouth, in the past I have stated that MMS cures most of all diseases. Today, I say that MMS cures nothing!”

Ben Mizer of the Department of Justice, indicted four people for selling the stuff in Nevada in 2013 In a statement to ABC News, Mizer said, "They might as well be selling Clorox. You wouldn't drink Clorox, so there is no reason to drink MMS."

Jim Humble has a strong fan following and there are many people who have been using miracle cure for the past several years. Many supporters of Humble have even blamed ‘big pharma’ for running a campaign against miracle cure.

Many people reported side effects of using MMS to FDA. In certain reports received by FDA, MMS led to serious health consequences.

Dr. Paul Wang, a pediatrician and the senior vice president of Autism Speaks, a nationally recognized advocacy and support group, said parasites do not cause autism. "No, parasites do not cause autism," Dr. Wang added.

Finally, as Humble has accepted on official website of the fringe church, people should get the facts.


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