Senator Mark Warner seeks industry-led security standards for IoT devices

Senator Mark Warner seeks industry-led security standards for IoT devices

In wake of the recent distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner has sought industry-led security standards for IoT devices, before some form of government regulation takes place.

Sen. Warner, a Democrat from Va., announced recently that he would favor an industry-based approach before seeking some kind of government regulation of IoT security.

Speaking on the topic, Warner said, “Last week’s attack does reveal a new level of vulnerability, and I’m trying to make it clear ... that this is not a problem that the government ought to be the first actor in solving.”

The Democratic senator stressed that IoT must be an area where industry should collaborate and they should set standards first.

Having some sort of industry standard for IoT devices along with a seal of government approval or rating system will likely encourage firms and consumers to purchase more secure devices, thereby creating required economic incentive.

Industry-led security standards along with government regulation of the area are important and necessary as IoT devices will increase from 12 billion to 34 billion by 2020.



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