Microsoft announces beta release of its Cognitive Toolkit

Microsoft announces beta release of its Cognitive Toolkit

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the launch of its open source deep learning toolkit for developers. The toolkit, which was released by Microsoft in beta, is called the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. It was previously called Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK).

The launch of the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit – which essentially features reinforcement learning for neural networking – comes within a few days of the company’s announcement of a speech recognition breakthrough --- a transcription system which is capable of matching humans, thanks largely to its astounding 5.9 percent word error rate for conversational speech.

The Cognitive Toolkit underscores an MIT-licensed, GitHub-hosted project which unfolds neural networks and some other building blocks to researchers, so as to enable them to develop their own machine learning systems.

The machine learning applications which researchers will be able to develop with the help of the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit will be capable of running on both CPUs and GPUs. In addition, the toolkit will also come with support for compute clusters.

Moreover, Microsoft is also adding Python language support to the Cognitive Toolkit, in an apparent effort to extend the toolkit beyond C++ development for better accessibility.


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