‘Nintendo Switch’ can function as tabletop console and handheld device

‘Nintendo Switch’ can function as tabletop console and handheld device

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo recently released a brief announcement video to mark the unveiling of its much-anticipated new console – the ‘Nintendo Switch’ console – and the device has already being widely raved about by gaming enthusiasts.

The key reason why the popularity of the new Nintendo Switch gaming console – which was codenamed NX – has skyrocketed is that the console boasts the unique capability of functioning as a tabletop console as well as a handheld device.

With the Nintendo Switch -- scheduled for launch in March 2017 -- essentially being a console-handheld hybrid, the company highlighted the device’s inimitable feature in the announcement video, thereby giving the gamers an idea about how the console’s different forms can be utilized across a number of situations.

Meanwhile, the new Nintendo Switch console is actually being perceived as a spiritual successor to chip maker Nvidia’s 2013-launched Shield mobile gaming system. The Switch, like the Nvidia, is powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra chip.

Highlighting the fact that Nintendo collaborated with Nvidia for the development of the Switch console, Nvidia said in a press release: "Nvidia gaming technology is integrated into all aspects of the new Nintendo Switch home gaming system, which promises to deliver a great experience to gamers."


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