Study reveals most popular foods on Twitter

Study reveals most popular foods on Twitter

A team of researchers at the University of Utah looked at nearly 80 million geotagged tweets and found that coffee was the most tweeted consumable and Starbucks was the most tweeted fast-food restaurant in the United States.

Lead researcher Quynh Nguyen, an assistant professor at the University Of Utah College Of Health, said her team looked at Twitter users' geolocated tweets regarding food, physical activity and happiness, and compared those tweets to census data and some previously conducted health surveys in order to gain insight into people's health.

The list of top ten foods tweeted by Americans from 2015-2016 included coffee, beer, pizza, Starbucks, IPA (beer), wine, chicken, barbecue, ice cream, and tacos.

However, the researchers admitted that Twitter isn't a precise reflection of what Americans do or how they feel about a certain food.

They wrote in their report, "The content of tweets reflects the type of information that people feel comfortable reporting and may not represent the true spectrum of their feelings or their experiences . we cannot be certain that the food that was tweeted was indeed consumed."

Findings of the new study were detained in the most recent issue of the Journal of Medical Internet Research Public Health & Surveillance.



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