Samsung will likely release feature-rich Chrome OS laptop – ‘Chromebook Pro’ – this month

Samsung will likely release feature-rich Chrome OS laptop – ‘Chromebook Pro’ – this month

Bigwig South Korean device maker Samsung will, according to latest leaks from Chrome Unboxed tipsters, probably release a feature-packed Chromebook, to meet the needs of people wanting a high-end Chrome OS device.

The new Samsung Chromebook will likely be called 'Chromebook Pro.' The Google-powered laptop will apparently mark a significant change in Samsung's Chromebook strategy which has, thus far, pivoted chiefly around Chromebooks aimed at budget-conscious consumers.

Going by the indications from store listings, as well as a landing page which showed up for a brief period, Chromebook Pro will feature a sharp12.3-inch 360-degree touchscreen, similar to that of Chromebook Flip. In addition, Chromebook Pro will also come with a stylus, which will facilitate users in converting the laptop into a spur-of-the-moment drawing tablet.

Moreover, as per the hints from the landing page, Chromebook Pro will be encased in a "full metal" shell; and will be powered by a six-core 2GHz ARM processor. The laptop will come with 4GB of RAM; two USB Type-C ports; 3.5mm headphone jack; and 32GB onboard storage capability, with a MicroSD card slot.

So far as the pricing and availability details of Chromebook Pro are concerned, store listings have revealed that the device will likely be priced at $499, and will become available for purchase with effect from October 24.


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