Hover launches self-flying camera drone for taking amazing aerial photos

Hover launches self-flying camera drone for taking amazing aerial photos

Hover has launched self-flying camera drone which will be loved by the younger generation hooked on to making and sharing photos. The drone with amazing camera will be able to take aerial images. The foldable, autonomous camera drone weighs just 242 grams. The drone is as small as a book during its flight mode and can be folded when not in use.

The Hover Camera Passport by Zero Zero Robotics is an interesting gadget and it could find many takers in future. It will give people the ability to take photos from different angles. Amateur photographers will be able to take shots that professional movie crews are capable of, at the moment. However, it would still require some practice.

Hover Camera Passport has battery life of 10 minutes and will cost $599. The camera with 4K video quality and image stabilization technology has been selected carefully by Zero Zero Robotics.

Meng Qiu Wang, CEO and co-founder of Zero Zero Robotics said, “People can do very creative things with it because it can replace rigs and cranes that typically a professional film crew would have access to. This will give you new movements, new angles.”

The camera drone doesn’t require Federal Aviation Administration registration. Recently, FAA announced mandatory registration for drones with weight over 250 grams.

In his hands on review on TechCrunch, Fitz Tepper said, “I was really impressed with Hover. I’ve played with drones in this new category of “flying camera” before, and most ended up being half-baked and disappointing. But Hover is really well done. If you’re looking for a second drone to supplement a beast like the Inspire or Phantom, or looking for a entry-level drone you can fool around with indoors or around friends, Hover could definitely be for you.”



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