Microsoft is building redesigned Paint app for Windows 10

Microsoft is building redesigned Paint app for Windows 10

Microsoft is apparently working on a new, redesigned version of its famous Paint app for Windows 10. The early ‘alpha’ versions of the Windows 10 Paint app are seemingly being tested by Microsoft, and the app will likely be launched to the public in the near future.

The possibly imminent launch of the new, completely overhauled Paint app for Windows 10 marks a notable move by Microsoft, especially given the fact that the company has hardly rolled out any updates to the app in its recent Windows OS releases.

The video demonstrations of the Paint app version for Windows 10 have been discovered by Twitter user WalkingCat. The demonstrations explicitly show that the new app has been designed with Windows 10 in mind.

According to the indications from a launch video, the new ‘Paint Preview’ app will boast the inclusion of all the well-known features of the standard version of the Paint app, together with the addition of support for 3D objects; thereby underscoring a perfect enhancement for Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset.

The users of the ‘Paint Preview’ app will get the ability to create 3D objects, and annotate them freely. In addition, Microsoft will also introduce a wide array of markers and art tools to enable artists create objects, as well as brushes which can be used directly on 3D objects.


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