Court saysFish and Wildlife Service Cannot Allow Killing of Nearly-extinct Red Wolves

Court saysFish and Wildlife Service Cannot Allow Killing of Nearly-extinct Red Wolves

North Carolina has a small population of red wolves, still US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) was allowing state residents to kill the animal in their private property. But now, a court ruling has issued a preliminary injunction on Thursday (September 29) to stop the federal agency from capturing and killing the animal, which is the only the world's only wild population of red wolves.

The US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina said that the government has failed to protect red wolves in the state. Judge Terrence Boyle ordered Thursday that federal wildlife officials have no right to remove or kill wolves entering a private property unless they prove that the animal is harming humans or their assets.

Earlier this month, someconservation groupsargued in a court hearingthat the FWS has been violating the Endangered Species Act and demanded a preliminary injunction. On Thursday, Boyle said that the groups have proved their point, and the federal officials are not helping the dwindling population of the state’sred wolf. They have also proved that the FWS failed to provide protection to the animal.

Conservationists said in the court hearing that the government is not just ignoring the wolf species, but also allowinglandowners to kill it if they find it in their properties. Protecting the agency, its lawyers claimed thatconservationists weremisinterpreting regulations.

Now, after the court’s ruling, conservation groupshave said that the decision was an important and good step to save the animal at the verge of extinction. “We believe this ruling will give red wolves a fighting chance and force the Fish and Wildlife Service to conserve the species”, said lawyerSierra Weaver representing Southern Environmental Law Center.



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