Flu Season, Vaccine and Side Effects: All You Need to Know

Flu Season, Vaccine and Side Effects: All You Need to Know

Flu season goes hand in hand with winter, so before the season starts, people are advised to receive vaccine. A report bythe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has predicted that more than 157millioninjectable flu vaccine doses will be provided to people in upcoming winter months to protest againstthe flu strains.

In an advisory, the CDC has said that every person whose age is over six months should receiveinfluenza vaccineto eliminate the risks of getting the flu.Some people avoid getting flu shotdue to their predicted link to side effects, and they’re not wrong. But it happens only when there’s variation invaccine and the virus. Even in such cases, there are slight potential reactions, said the experts.

Infectious disease expertDr. William Schaffner from theVanderbilt University School of Medicine said, “Since the flu virus frequently drifts in its genetic composition, you have to reformat the vaccine, and this is one of the reasons that people have to get a flu shot on an annual basis”.

About flu shot effects during 2016 winter season, the CDCsaid that it received reports onsoreness at the vaccination site which remained for less than 48 hours. This side-effect was noticed in 10 to more than 60% people, added the agency.

Apart from soreness, other most common side-effects were nausea, headache,muscle aches and fever. In some cases, vaccine may result in fainting. There could also be some serious side-effects likeallergic reactions, said experts. The CDC has advised that if any person notices any side-effects, immediately consult a doctor.

The agency has also said that this year, the vaccine willbe providedunder the supervisionof a healthcare provider.


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