United Nations to Launch Its First Space Mission to Promote Peaceful Use of Outer Space

United Nations to Launch Its First Space Mission to Promote Peaceful Use of Outer Space

The United Nations (UN) has announced Tuesday to launch a space mission in 2021. For the first-everlow-earth orbit flight,it has joined hand with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC).

It will be a two-week robotic mission where theNevada-based company’s Dream Chaser spacecraftwill be used, as per the Tuesday announcement. The UN believes the space flight will spread the message of peace in space.

The 2021 mission will encourage nations to use the outer space peacefully, saidSimonetta Di Pippo, director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). There couldbe experimentsaboard the 30-foot-long spacecraft, but it is not revealed whichUN member states will be part of the mission.Representativesof SNC said whoever decides to put experiments on board has to help in the mission’s total bill.

Providing details on future plans of the partnership between the UN and SNC,Di Pippo said, “Over the next year, the two organizations will hash out details of the mission, which will provide United Nations member states with the ability to access space in a cost-effective and collaborative manner within a few short years”.

Dream Chaser of SNC is a huge spacecraft that looks like small version of NASA’s space shuttle, which is now a retired craft. Like the space agency’s shuttle, theSNC craft is reusable.Another similarity between the two is their launch and landing. Both launches vertically and lands horizontally.

The SNC craft is capable of taking around seven people, but it can also be used as a cargo spacecraft. Recently, unmanned version of Dream Chaser was also chosen by the US space agency for cargo missions to the International Space Station (ISS).


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