Older Adults can defeat Loss of Mobility with Physical Activity

Older Adults can defeat Loss of Mobility with Physical Activity

There’s a belief among oldies: when you reach your later years, relax and don’t care much about physical activities. Now, the time has come to discard the old notion and avail benefits ofexercise. A new study has linked physical activity toreduced time in mobility-limiting disability.

A regular schedule to physical activities can help in dealing with loss of mobility,even at an old age, as per the study published on Monday which included over 1,600 adults between 70 and 89 years old who were followed for more than two years.

These were sedentary people with some functional limitations, but capable of covering more than 400 meters in 15 or less minutes. About 50% of them were asked to take part in a health education program, including some exercises. The remaining participants were asked to take part in some kinds of physical activities, including aerobic activity and balance training.Walking was focus in the study, said lead author of the study,ProfessorThomas Gill from the Yale School of Medicine.

The findings showed thatthe physical activity program helped in cutting time with mobility-limiting disabilityby more than 20% than the education program.“They've done a really nice job of showing the incredible power of physical activity.It's the secret ingredient to successful aging in terms of quality of life”, saidprofessorBradley Cardinal from the Oregon State University.

It was also found that those individuals who take part in physical activity have a lower risk for health-related issues likedepression, cancers,diabetes, heart disease and others.

Still, many in the US do not engage in physical activities. As per the CDC, only 28% people over 75 years old perform aerobic activity as recommended.



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