Teenagers with acne to have perfect skin later in life in comparison with their counterparts

Teenagers with acne to have perfect skin later in life in comparison with their counterparts

Teenagers with acne need not fret as according to a new research, they will have perfect skin when they become older. This claim owes to the built-in protection in their cells against ageing that makes their skin look better in later years.

It was already noted by experts that people with acne experience signs of ageing, including thinning skin and wrinkles much later in life. Now scientists have discovered the reason behind the phenomena.

White blood cells were taken from individuals with acne which when studied showed the presence of longer protective caps on the ends of their chromosomes called telomeres. These caps can be compared to the aglet part of the shoelaces as they perform similar function of protection by preventing the chromosomes from fusing and deteriorating with their neighbors during cell division.

Telomeres are linked to biological ageing as people with shorter telomeres age faster than people with longer ones. Since the people afflicted with ache tend to have longer telomeres, they age slower than others.

Dr Simone Ribero, Lead researcher, said,”By looking at skin biopsies, we were able to begin to understand the gene expressions related to this. Further work is required to consider if certain gene pathways may provide a base for useful interventions”.

The study was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and studied 1,205 female twins, comprising of a quarter of them who had reported of acne.

One of the genes which were involved in the telomere length was found to be associated with acne too. This suggested that having spots did not only slow ageing itself but also suggested what was happening in a person's cells.



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