Uber chooses Circulation’s healthcare platform for offering non-emergency medical rides

Uber chooses Circulation’s healthcare platform for offering non-emergency medical rides

The ridesharing giant Uber has decided to partner with Circulation, a non-emergency medical transport company, in an effort to get into the health care transport business. According to Circulation, the two companies will be working together to help in lowering health care transportation costs through their programs which will be launched in several East Coast hospitals.

Circulation’s existing centralized platform and portal urged Uber to choose the company as its Preferred Healthcare Platform Partner among others.

Circulation co-founder John Brownstein pointed to the outdated model of traditional health care transportation services, adding, “Every patient’s experience begins and ends with their ride, which is why the integration of Uber and Circulation offers a smart, digital transportation platform for health care that customizes rides around patients’ specific needs and ensures they get the care they deserve”.

The hospitals covered by the pilot program are Mercy Health System’s three acute-care hospitals and all-inclusive care program for the elderly in Pennsylvania, and Nemours Children’s Health System in Wilmington, Delaware, and Boston Children’s Hospital. By the end of the year, Circulation plans to expand its service to six more states.

The hospital transportation coordinators will initiate the rides with the program through the Circulation platform interface with the help of hospital staff who will manage and schedule the rides. The platform can provide notifications of the ride via phone, text, or email to the providers and patients along with a tracking feature through which providers can set triggers to detect suspicious activity.

There has been an increasing need for the service since according to the statistics from the Journal of the American Medical Association; transportation problems have been causing around 3.6 million Americans, including almost one million children, to miss their medical appointments each year



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