SpaceX unveils Mars colonization plan

SpaceX unveils Mars colonization plan

Founder of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), Elon Musk revealed the way they are going to carry one million people to Mars. Musk presented the plan to build recyclable spacecrafts along with terrific boosters that will carry people to the Red Planet.

SpaceX intends to launch the red dragon, an unmanned spacecraft by the end of year 2018. Main aim is to advance interplanetary transportation systems by testing and experimenting with more powerful boosters and spacecrafts. NASA will provide technical support to SpaceX’s mission. For the fulfillment of this mission, gigantic boosters will be put into Earth’s lower orbit where it will be fueled before sending it off for the Mars voyage.

Musk explained during the presentation as to how this planetary voyage is claimed to be most efficient. The boosters and spaceships developed for the purpose are entirely reusable and moreover employing orbital refueling technology will surely make it an efficacious mission. Addressing the huge crowd atInternational Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, Musk asserted that it is a high time to explore the space around and be comfortable in habituating other planets.

“The objective is to become a space-faring civilization and a multi-planet species. The main reason I'm personally accumulating assets is to fund this,” said the SpaceX’s CEO. The mission to carry such a huge number of people to other planet will be accomplishes in about hundred years, he added.

The spacecraft so designed intends to give a whole new experience of space travel to its passengers; the designs were also showed off in the videos. The rockets developed by the company for this mission are way more powerful than Falcon 9’s boosters. This grand mission will most probably be a public private partnership, Musk stated.



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