Report Demands for Extra Efforts from US to Achieve 2025 Emissions Goals

Report Demands for Extra Efforts from US to Achieve 2025 Emissions Goals

At Paris Climate Change Conference last year, several developed nations and biggest emitters of greenhouse gas pledged to curb emissions and announced their goals. Now, after several months of the agreement, nations are still struggling to keep emissions goals on track.

The United States announced to cut emissions about 26 to 28% below 2005 level by 2025. To meet the target and stay on right path, the nation released some new policies and plans like Clean Power Plan. But did they help the US?

A new report has calculated current and future climate policies of the country and found that the way the US is handling emissions it will be very difficult for it to achieve its goals on time. The report by researchers, Jeffery Greenblatt and Max Wei, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has suggested that extra efforts are needed right now to embrace targets.

The US pledged to cut emissions by 26 to 28%, but for that, some different ways are needed, said the report author, Greenblatt. “We’re going to pass the Clean Power Plan, improve the efficiency of heavy duty trucks…We just looked at each of those policies, and did the best we could to look at what the impact of any of them would be”, Greenblatt added in a statement.

To understand more about US’ emissions plans, the report researchers collected data on emissions in 2005, and found that around 6.323 to 7.403 billion tons of CO2 was emitted that time. To achieve the 2025 target, the emissions should be between 4.553 billion and 5.478 billion tons. If current policies and laws that US use to deal with the emissions are considered, the nation is still falling short to meet the goals.

The US might fall within the target range by as much as 356 million tons, said the researchers.


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