September 30 to witness rare lunar event ‘Black Moon’

September 30 to witness rare lunar event ‘Black Moon’

A rare lunar event that has not happened since March 2014 will take place on September 30 as a black moon will rise. One of the most common definitions of Black Moon is that it is second new moon in a calendar month.

Being a new moon, it will not be visible as the side of the moon that would be illuminated would be facing away from earth. Some areas of the world will experience a Black Moon in September, but not all the countries.

For Americas it would be the second new moon, but as per astronomer for Slooh, Bob Berman, it would not be the case in Europe. On September 30, the new moon will take place at 8:11 p.m. EDT and will be for those in the Western Hemisphere, which covers North and South America and certain portions of Europe and Africa.

Another new moon will take place at the end of the month. It will be on July 2019 when two new moons will fall in the same month for the Western Hemisphere.

As per experts, this type of Black Moon would take place once every two and a half years. It would be interesting to know that there are many other lunar events that fall under the same name. Experts affirmed that there is another type of Black Moon when there are no new moons in a month, which happen only in February and take place once every five to 10 years.

Berman said, “The phrase could also mean the third new moon when there are four in a season, which is actually also one of the definitions of a Blue Moon when the same thing happens to a full moon”.


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