International Astronautical Congress: Elon Musk Ready with Plan on Mars Colonization

International Astronautical Congress: Elon Musk Ready with Plan on Mars Colonization

Elon Musk’s Mars colonization planis real, and he is ready to reveal how to set a human colony on the Red Planet within just 10 years. According to report, the SpaceX CEO willdeliver a speech on Tuesday at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico, and disclose future plan on Mars colonization.

It is expected that Musk will provide detail on his ‘Mars Colonial Transporter’ and how about 100 humans will travel to earth’s neighbor planet.Scott Hubbard of Stanford University said the speech is going to be highly anticipated. Many space enthusiasts are expecting a private company to come up with humans-to-Mars plan,Hubbard added.

Not just supporters, but critics are also eagerly waiting for Musk’s approach on Marscolonization. They may use recent explosion of Falcon 9 rocket to target theSpaceXfounder by comparing his space plans and reality.

Musk and SpaceX’s plans on Mars may sound crazy to someone, but the space company’s recent successes prove that it has plans to compete its targets. Apart from conducting cargo mission to International Space Station (ISS) for NASA, SpaceX has launched commercial satellites. In additions, it has partnered with the US space agency to take its astronauts to the space station by 2018.

Many a times in the past, or could say since the beginning of SpaceX, Musk has been seen saying about the company’slong-term on Martian settlement, said Space Frontier Foundationexecutive directorHannah Kerner. “Especially in comparison to the speed that NASA’s ‘Journey to Mars’ has been moving, people are really looking to SpaceX to follow through on what they’re saying”,Kerner added.

But critics are using Musk’s past statements and questioning his plans. They believe harsh environment of the Red Planet is going to make it very difficult for humans to set a city there. Musk is expected to answer such questions during his Tuesday speech.



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