NASA will share data about ‘surprising activity’ on Europa

NASA will share data about ‘surprising activity’ on Europa

The US space agency NASA is going to hold a press conference regarding some ‘surprising activity’ on Europa, icy moon of Jupiter. The agency has given no clue regarding what it’s all about, besides revealing that it includes the Hubble Space Telescope.

To humans, Europa has never proved to be a boring research area. The enthralling world has even challenged scientists’ view of the solar system’s nature.

The discovery of Europa was accidental. On January 7, 1610, Galileo Galilei focused his telescope to observe Jupiter, but he made a startling discovery. He noticed that the planet has four tiny objects, and during the following several nights, he found that the objects orbited the planet.

The observation wasn’t solely made by him. Simon Marius, a German astronomer detected the same points of light on the night of the 6th and named the objects as: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

These objects discovery was a notable advance in the understanding of the working of the solar system. Galileo found that the gas giant was the center of an orbital system.

While mentioning about Galilelo, David A. Weintraub penned down in his book Is Pluto A Planet: A Historical Journey through the Solar System, “The motion of the Medicean stars around Jupiter demonstrat[ed] that Aristotle was wrong about the Earth being the only center of motion in the universe”.

After this discovery, Galileo was opposed by the Catholic Church, which called his work and finings heresy. In 1626, he was given a warning, and after some time interrogated and forced to renounce. He was taken into under house arrest for the rest of his life in 1634.

But such new worlds’ existence can’t be suppressed for long, as other astronomers started their own observations.



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