Stephen Hawking again warns against contacting aliens in online film

Stephen Hawking again warns against contacting aliens in online film

For the second time, famous physicist Stephen Hawking has warned humanity not to contact aliens or to indicate them about our presence in the solar system. Hawking made the announcement in an online film, ‘Stephen Hawking's favorite places'.

In the half-hour long movie, Hawking shares with viewers about travelling to a potentially habitable exoplanet called Gliese 832c located 16 light years away. As per Hawking, the planet could host intelligent life.

Gliese 832c could be called as a super-earth as it is five times as big as earth and located in the habitable zone of its star. This aspect makes the planet to be at the right distance for liquid water to occur on its surface.

Hawking thinks that they might be able to know if aliens are present on Gliese 832c. Also, there is a possibility that it could receive a signal from it or a similar exoplanet. But Hawking has warned that humanity should be cautious about not to respond back as the situation of having a meeting with advanced civilization would be akin to be encounter between Christopher Columbus and Native Americans that did not turn out to be well.

As per Hawking, advanced aliens are like nomads who have been in the lookout for planets that they can conquer and colonize. The famous physicist thinks that the aliens land on earth then they can exploit the planet and use the resources to build more spaceships that they can use to go to other worlds to exploit.

In fact, Hawking thinks that aliens could even put an end to humanity. Human history has shown that more advanced cultures have mistreated and put an end to those who were less technologically advanced.



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