Google’s self-driving car badly damaged in crash with commercial van

Google’s self-driving car badly damaged in crash with commercial van

One of the worst accidents to date for Google’s driverless cars took place when a commercial van ran a red light badly hit one of Google’s autonomous Lexus SUVs, as it was crossing a Mountain View intersection.

In the incident, the side of the Google’s driverless car was badly damaged, but the Google observers and the van driver were safe. Google will carry out an investigation into matter and include the complete details of the collision in its self-driving car report due by the end of this month.

For now, the exact reason behind the accident is not known. Earlier also, Google has stressed that the red light violations have remained the leading cause of car crashes in US cities. The incident highlights an issue with moving of autonomous vehicles.

Google, Uber and other automobile companies have been working on the development of driverless systems, but one thing remains that it would never be completely possible to have protection against human drivers.

It is being said that Google’s self-driving car was not at fault. A witness shared, “I only saw the tail-end of the crash, and the dazed Google employees sitting around afterwards waiting for their tow-truck. I had to be on my way”. As per the witness’s perspective, it was the van’s fault. Google is yet to come up with any official statement on the matter.

Earlier this year, Google’s self-driving car was at fault in which accident took place with a bus and the incident took place along El Camino Real. It is in fact being said that crashes would not stop unless self-driving tech starts to rule.


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