Orion spacecraft to get silver coating

Orion spacecraft to get silver coating

As a part of the EM-1 project, Orion is to get silver coating. Scientists working in the project decided that an extra coating would make the Orion journey back to earth a better one. The project is scheduled to be launched in 2018.

The spacecraft will receive a silver thermal control coating and its insulation will also get a nice finishing. The silver pain forms to be part of the new thermal shielding technology, which as per scientists will play an important role in the spacecraft’s journey through space.

Scientists have shared that the coating will maintain a steady temperature inside the spacecraft. By maintaining the temperature, it will be ensured that nothing happens to the Orion once it re-enters earth’s atmosphere.

Main aim of the project is to send an unmanned crew to a distant orbit around the moon. All it is being done to prepare for the future trip to Mars. When Orion will be travelling through space there will be times when it will not facing the sun.

At that time, the temperature will greatly vary from -100 degree Celsius to 290 degrees Celsius. In addition, the main concern is when the Orion has completed its task and has to return to earth. It is vital for scientists to get back the ship in one piece.

The new shield is made up of around 180 individual modules, which will ensure both cohesion and thermal protection.


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