Warming ocean could make baby lobsters’ survival difficult

Warming ocean could make baby lobsters’ survival difficult

Continuing warming oceans would become a big obstacle for the survival of baby lobsters, unveils a study carried by scientists in Maine, the state most closely associated with lobsters. The finding is a bad news for the industry catering to lobsters and also for the future of one of the most beloved seafood treats.

Study researchers said that lobster larvae faced a lot of problem in survival when they were put into water that was five degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the temperatures that is generally present in the western Gulf of Maine.

The research paper acts as a wake-up call for the authorities concerned that the lobster fishery industry has been passing through bad phase due to climate change.

Study’s co-author Jesica Waller said, “There has been a near total collapse in Rhode Island, the southern end of the fishery, and we know our waters are getting warmer. We are hoping this research can be a jumping off point for more research into how lobsters might do over the next century”.

Things should be brought under control as soon as possible as the nation’s lobster industry is passing through good time. The lobster catch is strong, prices are great and the industry has been opening new markets in Asia.

What warming waters can do to the fishery is noticeable in its southern reaches, as scientists have been noticing that increasing temperatures are adding to the lobsters’ decline. As per a data, the lobster catch south of Cape Cod has fallen to around 3.3 million pounds in 2013.

The study is considered to be one of its kinds when it comes to know how American lobsters would be impacted by warming waters and the increasing acidification of the ocean.



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