Increased pace of Greenland’s ice melting, new model developed to recreate ice loss history

Increased pace of Greenland’s ice melting, new model developed to recreate ice loss history

It is not surprising to know that global warming is dangerously affecting our planet. Recently, scientists used the global positioning system (GPS) to determine the exact loss of ice on Greenland. The results alarmed the scientists as the previously known figures were 20 billion tons less than the current figures.

Usually satellite data is used to determine the loss of ice, which has been declared to provide for faulty results as it sometimes considers incorrect assumptions. In the recent study, the GPS system was used to carefully examine the loss of ice from 2011 to 2014. The researchers claim that the rate ice loss has considerably increased in past century. The scientists keep close eye on this massive island because of its tremendous capacity to increase the sea levels.

Scientists have put to light the measurements of GRACE Satellites which measure the loss of ice based on the changes in Earth’s gravitational pull. The satellites calculate data based on the assertion that weight on Earth’s surface causes the mantle to flow beneath it, whereas when the weight is removed it flows back.

“What GRACE measures is mass change, but it can’t really tell the difference between ice mass and rock mass. So you have to give it a model and the model we were using was not quite right”,said Michael Bevis, co-author of the new study and alsoa geophysicist at The Ohio University. The results of the study appeared in journal science advances.

The researchers, after comparing the current study’s estimates with previous ones, concluded that the assumption of flow of molten rock beneath Greenland was incorrect. The consistency of molten rock has changed with time due to which it flows in different ways. Therefore, the scientists have developed a new model to recreate the history of loss of ice on Greenland.


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