Tesla responds to former partner Mobileye’s comments on Autopilot technology

Tesla responds to former partner Mobileye’s comments on Autopilot technology

In a statement released on Thursday, US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has responded to its spat with former partner Mobileye, an Israeli company that supplied cameras for Tesla’s Autopilot-equipped semi-autonomous vehicles.

Tesla’s statement comes in response to Mobileye’s recent criticism of the safety of Tesla’s Autopilot assisted driving technology.

With Tesla and Mobileye having ended their partnership, Mobileye chairman Amnon Shashua had told Reuters on Wednesday that Mobileye had severed ties with Tesla because the company’s Autopilot technology was “pushing the envelope in terms of safety.” The comments by Shashua came against the backdrop of the fatal Florida crash in May, in which the driver of a Models S sedan was driving his vehicle in Autopilot mode.

In responding to Shashua’s criticism of the Autopilot system on Tesla vehicles, Tesla said that Shashua had disparaged the safety of Autopilot assisted driving technology after Mobileye learnt that Tesla was working on its own vision system.

According to a Tesla spokeswoman, when Mobileye learnt that Tesla would be using its own vision system in forthcoming Autopilot versions, it “attempted to force Tesla to discontinue this development, pay them more and use their products in future hardware.”



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