Wilderness regions declines across the world: Study

Wilderness regions declines across the world: Study

A latest study appeared in the journal Current Biology suggested that 10% of our planet’s wilderness has gone since the 1990s. Researchers reported that in the past two decades, Earth has lost a total region amounting to double the size of Alaska.

But, as per experts, the left wilderness areas can be saved, it’s not too late. They are hopeful that the latest findings will prompt change.

The study found that presently just nearly 23% of the land area in the world is composed of wilderness. The largest chunks of the remaining wilderness are present in North Africa, Australia, North Asia, and North America (mainly in the northern areas of Canada). The worst scenario has been seen by South America, with a 30% decrease since the '90s. Africa is on the second spot with 14% decline.

While speaking to CBS News, study co-author Oscar Venter, of the University of Northern British Columbia, said that the drop in the wilderness worldwide has been seen mostly in the tropical biomes. Venter said that tropical rain forests have lost a lot of wilderness. Venter mentioned that huge part of the Amazon has gone the mangrove ecosystems, very essential wilderness parts, have been badly hit.

Venter said, “They are a nursery ground for a lot of the world’s wildlife – young fish are reared in these mangrove ecosystems? They are a base for a lot of the fisheries. Now, there is almost no wilderness left in the mangroves”.

According to the researchers, the lack of action on part of worldwide government leaders is the main cause of loss of wilderness.

In a press release, main author James Watson, of the University of Queensland in Australia and the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York, said that environmental policy has been ignoring globally important wilderness regions.



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