Jeff Bezos releases design and engineering details of new rocket developed by Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos releases design and engineering details of new rocket developed by Blue Origin

On Monday, Jeff Bezos disclosed the design and engineering information regarding a latest rocket being developed by his aerospace company, Blue Origin. The rocket has been dubbed ‘New Glenn’ in the honor of the first US astronaut to orbit Earth, John Glenn.

In a brief email announcement, Mr. Bezos said that the latest rocket is very powerful, meant to launch commercial satellites and humans into space.

While reporting the news regarding his company, Bezos failed to resist taking some jabs at Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Over the past week, the Tesla Motors founder's spaceflight venture has been facing scrutiny over its technology’s reliability after losing a Falcon 9 rocket to an explosion during the September 1 fuel test.

That day, Facebook’s $200 million communications satellite was onboard. It was designed to link huge swaths of sub-Saharan Africa to the Internet.

While drawing attention to the contrast between his company and that of Mr. Musk, Bezos said in the announcement, “Our mascot is tortoise. We paint one on vehicles after successful flight. Our motto is 'GradatimFerociter' – step by step, ferociously. We believe ‘slow is smooth, smooth is fast.’ In long run, deliberate and methodical wins day; you do things quickest by never skipping steps”. Bezos added that the step-by-step approach enables boldness and is an important ingredient in achieving the audacious.

SpaceX is nearly half-a-decade older than Blue Origin, which means it’s quite farther ahead in creating a reusable rocket. Reusable rockets have become a main priority for commercial spaceflight companies attempting to slash costs.

So far, SpaceX has already made a vibrant spaceflight business, with contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars in hand to deliver cargo for the US space agency NASA to the International Space Station. It also has contracts from commercial customers for the delivery of communications satellites into orbit.


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