Google Express online shopping service launches in Nebraska

Google Express online shopping service launches in Nebraska

Google Express has been launched at some locations in Nebraska. The platform offers the option to buyers to shop for goods from many retailers at Google Express website. The purchases made at different retailers are delivered in batches by Google.

Google Express service offers delivery of goods to doorstep and currently has 17 big and medium sized merchants using its platform. Google Express members pay $95 per year for free delivery of goods from different retailers.

Google has run testing of its platform in Iowa, Kansas and Arizona. Under the current expansion plan which includes Nebraska, Google Express will serve customers in Missouri, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Ohio and Arkansas.

Talking about expansion plans, Brian Elliott, general manager of Google Express said, “We’re adding more towns, more cities and more merchants. Over time we’ll be able to go to overnight delivery. The service launches with 17 merchants, including Whole Foods, Walgreens and Petco, and features a mix of some bigger players as well as regional favorites.”

The service can save shipping costs for customers who want to save time. Some big retailers like Wal-Mart allow customers to order online and pick up the stuff from their store locations. Google Express removes the need to pick up groceries and will also save money with just $95 annual fee.


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