US companies support Obama’s climate agenda and also fund climate change skeptics

US companies support Obama’s climate agenda and also fund climate change skeptics

A review of public records by Reuters claimed that some US companies that show support for Obama’s climate agenda are also funding climate change skeptics. Obama’s environment agenda stresses on the role we all can play to counteract climate change. On the contrary, US lawmakers are opposing any initiative that addresses problem of climate change.

The companies such as DuPont, Google and PepsiCo are lending their support to two opposite perspectives at same time. It showsthat these big giants are trying to maintain balance between their reputation in the public as regard to environmental problems and their involvement in political campaigns in order to get support in business policies, as presidential elections are approaching.

Companies showing interest in political campaigns support both supporters and opponents of climate change. Companies consider many factors before lending their support to certain groups. The Reuters review has covered donations made by the political action committee (PACs) of 30 big US companies during the 2016 election cycle.

These US companies has signed Obama’s “American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge” in 2015, which is a public promise to follow corporate policies that favor climate. The review concluded that 25 of these 30 companies funded lawmakers that are climate change opponents.

The opponents of the climate change are described as deniers by Organizing For Action, a non-profit created by former Obama campaign, in its list, which includes Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota and Republican US Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma.

"There really needs to be a process that looks at these issues ... at C-suite and board levels on a periodic basis,” said Jon Lukomnik, head of the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute, speaking about companies including AT&T, GE, Verizon, and Mondelez.


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