OpenOffice may be shutdown due to dearth of volunteers

OpenOffice may be shutdown due to dearth of volunteers

According to a Fortune report, OpenOffice -- the free, open-source alternative to Microsoft Office -- is apparently contemplating a shutdown due to dearth of developers to support the project.

The report has revealed that the hint about a possible shutdown of the OpenOffice project came on Thursday, via an e-mail sent to OpenOffice developers by Dennis E. Hamilton, the project’s volunteer vice president. In the email, Hamilton disclosed the present status of the project.

Outlining the OpenOffice project’s current standing, Hamilton said in the email that the project will evidently be shuttered if more developers cannot be recruited to support it and ensure the security of software.

In mentioning the hypothetical shuttering of the OpenOffice project, Hamilton said in the email that the main issue which the project is currently facing is that the current number of the core members of the OpenOffice team is only around six. As such, the lack of enough volunteers willing to spare their time for the project has resulted in a situation in which even the identified security vulnerabilities can also not be promptly fixed.

Hamilton further added in the email that, as of now, there are hardly any prospects of attracting more developers to the OpenOffice project; and said that a shutdown of the project is “a serious possibility.”


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