Santa Monica’s California Incline reopens after $17 million-worth reconstruction

Santa Monica’s California Incline reopens after $17 million-worth reconstruction

After a 17-month long reconstruction, Santa Monica's iconic California Incline reopened on Thursday. The new and improved incline that has cost around $17 million and leads from Ocean Avenue to Pacific Coast Highway has been now once again open to the public.

Mayor Tony Vazquez said that the advanced incline would be able to handle 15,000 vehicles a day. While repairing the incline, it has been taken care that pedestrians and bicyclers are able to have a safe access owing to which the outside lanes of the roadway have been reserved for them and they have been separated by a thick concrete wall.

Also, the new ramp has more contoured arches and pilasters. The Incline is now based on 96 concrete piles. People present at the time of inauguration especially praised this aspect. An official ceremony was carried out. After the ceremony, the public was invited to move around the Incline before it was opened for traffic at 5pm.

Vazquez said, “We’re sitting here on the new, reopened California Incline. I’d like to invite you all to come out and enjoy this new pedestrian, bicycle lane and roadway”.

People were excited to be on the Incline and could be seen walking, jogging, biking there. Many seniors enjoyed the stroll using canes and wheelchairs. Many even clicked images under the restored neon’ Santa Monica’ sign.

Main aim to reconstruct the Incline was safety. Several city departments organized booths at the place distributing free water and brownies. The Santa Monica Public Library was also present there and distributed vintage postcards of the California Incline. Many people shared that they are now tension free as free flow of the crowd has resumed.



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