Hunt for sea otter shooter in California

Hunt for sea otter shooter in California

Someone has been shooting down the southern sea otters in California unexplainably.The Police are on the hunt for that shooter.

These otters are basically gathered between the Monterey Bay and the southern Big Sur coast, where they can be easily spotted having fun in waters, a delight to watch.

Last month, four sea otters carcasses were found washed ashore on the Santa Cruz Harbor as well at the Seacliff State Beach.It is said that the otters must have been shot down a few days before their dead bodies were discovered.

“We don’t know why these otters were shot, but what’s important to note is that killing or harassing federally protected wildlife is a crime, said Ashley Spratt of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

These otters have been enlisted as threatened species since 1977. Finding these threatened species dead on the same location in a very short duration of time, is really upsetting and unusual, mentioned Spratt.

Sea otters are very sensitive to human activities, which include territory contamination and other activities such as fishing accidents.

It was found in this year’s survey of endangered and threatened species that three quarters of the world’s species are in this category due to human activities.

The over exploitation of these species and their natural habitats by various human activities have been found to be the major reason behind more than half of endangered species.The shooter will be punished with a fine up to $100,000.00 and can also be sentenced for imprisonment.

The authorities have also announced a cash price of$10,000 for the one who would provide any information related to the shooting.The further investigation is now being conducted by forensic scientists at a lab in Oregon.



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