Two of Utah’s most accomplished active alpinists missing on mountain peak in Pakistan

Two of Utah’s most accomplished active alpinists missing on mountain peak in Pakistan

Two respected Utah climbers have been missing on a Pakistan mountain. There is a possibility that they could have been stranded, injured or something worse would have happened with them.

The climbers- Scott Adamson and Kyle Dempster started their journey on August 21 for Ogre 2, which is a 23,000-foot peak in northern Pakistan. They had planned a five-day attempt to reach the summit. It is now their tenth day on the mountain.

To reach on its summit is considered to be of the great achievements for the alpinists. The pair has attempted the act last year as well and then also, their journey was not a smooth one. It has been said as the pair would not have been able to survive if they had not pulled off a self-rescue.

The duo returned this summer to complete their half-done task of the last year. Friends and family of the climbers are quite concerned about them. They are going to organize a search and rescue in the area, but do not have sufficient resources.

Though officials provided a helicopter, it was not able to fly near the climbing route as it did not have the equipment to fly safely through the low clouds. “It's hard to say what has happened. They could be fine, they could waiting out the storm. Or there could be an injury. We just don't know. That's why we need to get a visual inspection of the mountain”, affirmed Jonathan Thesenga, global sports marketing manager for Black Diamond Equipment.

Thesenga said that since the time the duo has started their journey, the weather has not been supportive, with wind, snow and clouds. A Go Fund Me account has been set up to collect money for their rescue.



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