Home Prices Continue to Rise across the United States

Home Prices Continue to Rise across the United States

The latest data for S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices confirmed that the real estate prices across the United States have witnessed a rise over the last 12 months. A rise by 5.1% in the real estate price has been witnessed and it has pushed homes out of limit of many families. The 10-city index recorded 4.3 percent gains over the same period last year.

Last month, the 10-city index was up by 4.4 percent compared to May 2015 data. Real estate experts suggest that market would remain firm in the coming months as well.

Real estate experts have also indicated a slight decline in the number of home sales. However, the prices have remained firm as inventory has remained low.

A report by National Association of Realtors earlier this month indicated a decline in home sales, mainly due to affordability of homes going down. The home sales volume in June 2016 was down by 3.2 percent to seasonally adjusted 5.39 million units.


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