Did Astronaut Scott Kelly post a Picture of UFO?

Did Astronaut Scott Kelly post a Picture of UFO?

If you follow NASA astronaut Scott Kelly on online social networking service Twitter, you know that he often tweets stunning pictures of earth from International Space Station (ISS). A recent posted picture has space enthusiasts talking about more than just earth’s amazing view.

This week, Kelly, who arrived at the space station earlier this year, posted an image of southern India that he captured from ISS. Apart from stunning view, the photo had an unknown object that seems to have lights on either end. The object at the top right hand corner of the photo has attracted alien believers and UFO hunters like sonofmabarker.

Sonofmabarker posted a video on Youtube where he wrote about the mysterious object in the photo. In the upper right of the picture, a large object can be seen clearly with two lights on each end, he wrote.

While talking to the UFO Sightings Daily website, Scott Waring said Kelly has been posting pictures from the windows of ISS from a long time. But the recent photo posted by the astronaut has a cigar shaped glowing UFO, Waring added.

“The mysterious object is about 82 feet long and between 492 and 981 feet away. It looks like Scott was trying to hint at the existence of aliens. Message received Scott, and thanks”, Waring added.

Some people believe the object could be just a reflection in the Space Station’s window, or it could also be a piece of space debris.


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