With all its instruments on, Juno to make its closest approach to Jupiter on Saturday

With all its instruments on, Juno to make its closest approach to Jupiter on Saturday

On Saturday, August 27, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will make its closest approach to the gas giant Jupiter. As per scientists, Juno will be present within 2,500 miles of Jupiter’s clouds. When the event will take place, all of the instruments of Juno will on meaning that NASA is going to get a lot of useful data.

It is the first time that Juno’s instruments will be on, as last time such was not the case when the probe arrived in orbit around Jupiter on July 4. Juno’s principal investigator Scott Bolton, of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio said that last time, the instruments were deliberately switched off so as to focus on the rocket burn to get Juno into orbit around Jupiter.

Since then, a number of evaluations have been done and more will be done in the coming time as well. But they are quite confident this time therefore the science instruments will be open for this upcoming flyby.

Bolton said that this will be their first real opportunity to have a close-up look at Jupiter and to know, how things work there. There are eight instruments present on Juno and all of them would be collecting data during this Saturday’s flyby.

Juno’s visible-light imager, known as JunoCam, will also be clicking amazing images. Since July 4, Juno has been orbiting around Jupiter, but has not been able to carry out a lot of assessment of the planet since then.

Juno is in a highly elliptical orbit around Jupiter owing to which it remains protected from the worst areas of radiation. It takes 53 days for Juno to complete the orbit. NASA officials affirmed, “A handful of JunoCam images, including the highest-resolution imagery of the Jovian atmosphere and the first glimpse of Jupiter's north and south poles, are expected to be released during the later part of next week”.



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