NASA successfully tests engine that will power its new, massive SLS deep-space rocket

NASA successfully tests engine that will power its new, massive SLS deep-space rocket

The US space agency NASA has successfully tested the engine that is going to power its new, huge Space Launch System (SLS) deep-space rocket. The agency hasn’t reported any issues during the 7.5-minute duration.

It was the third successful test of RS-25 rocket engine of the space agency and three more are going to be held in the approaching months. Everybody is waiting for all four of these to merge to fire humans in the direction of the Red Planet.

At the event held at the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi, while speaking to press, space shuttle astronaut Rick Mastracchio said, “SLS is going to be most powerful rocket ever built when it's done several years from now. It's going to have to throw up all this hardware into low Earth orbit so we can take it to Moon and beyond, all way to Mars”.

In every way, the RS-25 engine is awesome as it’s not just stunning when it comes to amount of power but can also sustain for the test duration. It isn’t any new technology.

The RS-25 has been built by the US rocket and missile propulsion experts, AerojetRocketdyne. The RS-25 is also a proof of how long rocket engineers have been successfully working on such things because the engines were once used as space shuttle main engines, and in the time period from 1981 to 2001 had powered 135 missions to low-Earth orbit.

The US space agency now wants them to fire at quite higher performance levels to meet the SLS needs, set to be the most powerful rocket built in the past.

After completion, the SLS is going to be powered by two five-segment boosters, one of which has been tested recently this month.


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